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Welcome to Pelagic Adventures, the only dedicated pelagic birding and fishing site in South Florida.  Florida Pelagic birding offers the ultimate experience in seeing birds truly in the wild.  The ocean environment is dynamic and untamed, and many pelagic species can only be seen offshore.  With the deep waters of the Gulfstream only a few miles offshore, and over 25 species of pelagic birds documented so far, this area offers tremendous potential.  Let the adventure begin!


About me:  My name is Roberto Torres, or “Capt. Toe” as my friends call me.  I am a fully licensed Captain to 50 tons.  My life on the water began 40 years ago making swordfish trips with my father and uncle, who combined have over 100 years of fishing experience.  After high school, I took up commercial fishing and continued fishing through college, where I earned a Masters Degree in Marine Affairs.  My love of fishing and the ocean inspired me to seek a career protecting the resources that I depended upon for so many years, and since then I have worked at protecting our natural world.  I can catch fish as well as anyone, but believe there is a way to do it sustainably that will ensure the resource will be there into the future.  While I still love fishing, my love for spending time on the ocean was further heightened when, in 2005, I discovered pelagic birding as a new adventure off our coast, and have been doing a few trips every year.  In the process I have gained first-hand knowledge of what is out there, but on the ocean you never know what you will find and the potential for something totally new and unexpected is always there.  After all, it’s a pelagic adventure!

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8 thoughts on “Pelagic Adventures – Florida Pelagic Birding and Fishing

  1. Lovin’ the site papo, but one certainty still looms in the depths of our fishy souls… When is TEAM SLOPPY SECONDS ever going to live up to its name’s expectancy!?