Fishing for Wahoo – High Winds, no current

Fishing for Wahoo

Headed out with Jack Crittenden today in search of wahoo and to see what birds the strong winds may have brought in.  Wahoo are not abundant along this coast, but a few can be found when the conditions are right.  Most important condition: strong north current.  We arrived at Pacific Light early to find at least 80 Brown Booby perched. This is the highest number I’ve seen in one place of this species.  We started wahoo trolling and quickly noticed there was no current on the edge.  Plan A was shot.  We did get a small Blackfin Tuna.  I headed to deeper water to see how far offshore the current edge was.  In about 440′ we found it: strong north current.  With the strong NE winds, the seas on the outside of this edge were in the 4-6 foot range with a few higher.  There was a frigatebird working along with a couple of Brown Booby, and we got 4 Mahi quickly.  Three were nice size and one short.  We had enough for dinner, and with the prospects for wahoo gone, we worked this edge to see if there were birds.  We got 2 dark morph Pomarine Jaegers and one more distant jaeger that was most likely a Pom as well.  All three jaegers we seen harassing frigatebirds.  We also had 2 Cory’s Shearwaters.  The conditions here were pretty rough, and with few birds I headed back in shallow slowly to see if could get a bird or two on the way in.  In about 200′ of water we drifted, and Jack quickly spotted a bird coming in from the north low to the water.  As it passed us to the northeast we could see it was a Manx Shearwater.  I tried chasing it, but since it was heading offshore there was no way to catch up to this bird by running into the heavy seas.  It was at this point I got the news of the Variegated Flycatcher so we ran back in in a hurry!

poja3 poja2

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