May 15th 2016

For the second trip in a row, we had a cold front move through the night before bringing W then NW winds. These are the worst winds for pelagic birding off our coast. Despite the challenging conditions, we still found good numbers. Also for the second trip in a row, most of the birds were seen over schools of skipjack tuna feeding on small baitfish. In one of the photos below, there’s a Common Tern in the center and you can see a skipjack jumping in the background. Here is the list:

Audubon’s Shearwater – 50
Brown Booby – 15
Masked Booby – probably, distant look as it hovered high over the water
Magnificent Frigatebird – 10
Red-necked Phalarope – 10
Pomarine Jaeger – 1
Brown Noddy – 2
Sooty Tern – 40
Bridled Tern – 60
Common Tern – 2

Common Tern with skipjack jumping


Audubon’s Shearwater


Brown Noddy


Feeding Flock with skipjack splashing


Sooty Tern over Bridled Tern



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