Pelagic Fishing Photos

Pelagic Fishing Photos Recent and from Years Past.

I have gained first-hand knowledge of what is out there, but on the ocean you never know what you will find and the potential for something totally new and unexpected is always there.

Wahoo and Mahi

Wahoo and Mahi

South Florida’s WCS Fishing Tournament biggest fish award.

42 and 80 lb Black Groupers

Pelagic Fishing Photos big grouper

My life on the water began 40 years ago making swordfish trips with my father and uncle, who combined have over 100 years of fishing experience. Old fishing photos bring back a lot of good memories and makes me look forward to catching more of the same.
Huge Barracuda


I can catch fish as well as anyone, but believe there is a way to do it sustainably that will ensure the resource will be there into the future. 
60 lb Black Grouper


63 and 42 lb Kingfish along with mixed bag of grouper and snapper

kf 63 (2)

21 and 20 lb Mutton Snapper caught by the “old man”

big muttons

73 lb Kingfish on 20 lb spinning tackle

kf 73

Big kings and a couple of wahoo


Another big king on 20 lb spin: 71 lbs

kf 71

I have caught a variety fish found in our waters. Sailfish, Dolphin (aka Mahi Mahi), Wahoo, Blackfin, Skipjack, and Yellowfin Tuna, Kingfish, Bonito, and several species of Grouper and Snapper. Although rare in our waters, Blue and White Marlin can also be found here in deep water.
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