WCS Fishing Tournament

WCS Fishing Tournament in South Florida

Today we fished the WCS Fishing Tournament to benefit the Live Like Bella Foundation which funds pediatric cancer research.  Their purpose is simple: end child cancer.  I can think of no more important cause.  This tournament had been scheduled for Aug. 29th but was postponed due to TS Erika.  It was rescheduled for today, and wouldn’t you know it we have another storm out there.  The tournament was still a go despite strong winds out of the WNW.  Eligible fish consist of Dolphin (mahi), Wahoo, Kingfish, and Tuna, with any combination of 3 of the above eligible to weigh-in.  I decided to forego the mahi due to the winds from this direction pushing everything far offshore, and instead tried for wahoo on the edge of the reef.  NW winds are not exactly the best, but I was counting on good current to improve our chances.  Lines in was a 7:00 am, and we made it out to the reef at about 7:30.  While I got the wahoo lines ready, we saw some birds working bait just past the reef so we trolled a small lure under them.  We quickly got a nice mahi in only 115′ of water.  That was a good sign.  We then deployed three wahoo rigs and began trolling south. WCS Fishing Tournament

corys2 corys

We were pleasantly surprised to see lots of bird activity, especially Cory’s Shearwaters right over the reef, a result of course of the nice current to the north.   We had barely covered a mile and we got a hit on one of the wahoo lines.  Larry made quick work of a 20 lb wahoo, a first for him and for my new boat.  We soon added two mackerel and two bonito, but the winds shifted out of the west, the current died, the birds disappeared, and the fishing went dead.  We continued to try for a third nice fish to add to the wahoo and dolphin, figuring we had a good chance to win, but no such luck.  We did add Common Terns and Red-necked Phalaropes to our bird list.


We got back to the dock and made a dash to make it to the weigh-in by 4:00.  We got there at 3:59 to find out we had the biggest fish in the tournament with the wahoo, but got 2nd place in total weight.  Not bad considering the conditions.

South Florida WCS Fishing Tournament - wahoo mahi

South Florida WCS Fishing Tournament


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