South Florida Pelagic Birding and Fishing Boat – The Xenia V

Xenia V was built for South Florida Pelagic Birding and Fishing

Since 2005, I have made over 50 pelagic birding trips off the Miami area, most just half day trips.  This means we have spent less than 1% of the last 10 years birding our offshore waters.  Could you imagine if the best migrant traps were only visited 1% of the time, how many great birds would be missed.  Also, due to limitations because of the size of my old boat, many of these trips were limited to fair weather days, which are usually not ideal for many pelagic species.

The XENIA V is a 34′ Crusader hull custom built to meet the needs of both south Florida pelagic birding and fishing.. She has an express deck layout which gives you a 360 degree view no matter where you are located on the boat. Power comes from twin Caterpillar 300 hp Diesels. She is fast, comfortable, and extremely seaworthy.  This boat is large enough to give you a steady platform, yet small and fast enough to allow close approaches  to pelagic birds. The first XENIA was also a Crusader hull and I encountered some fierce weather in my commercial fishing days, but the boat always came through like a champ. With two steering stations, one fore and one aft, a 76-gallon live bait well, and fully equipped for fishing, there is no better boat in this area for making the big catches.

Xenia V - South Florida Pelagic Birding Boat

The eisenglass enclosure provides complete protection from sea spray and rain, but still give full 360 degree visibility.  All the panels have zippers that allow the entire enclosure to be opened. This gives the XENIA V the best of both worlds – a cabin and a fully opened deck.

Xenia V - South Florida Pelagic Birding Boat


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